Published On: Tue, Feb 28th, 2017

Former municipal government of San Miguel has to return 16.9 million pesos

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GUANAJUATO – The Guanajuato’s Superior Audit (Auditoría Superior del Estado de Guanajuato, ASEG) carried out an investigation on Mauricio Trejo Pureco, former mayor of SMA, and irregularities during his administration from 2013 to 2014.

According to the Results Report from ASEG, 25 irregularities were found during this investigation that means more than 16.9 million pesos ($840,000 USD). This amount must be returned to the municipal government treasury.

“In addition to this situation, other 80 million pesos were also misused, according to merit civil denunciations”, announced Ricardo Villarreal García, Mayor of San Miguel, on February 20.


Guanajuato’s Superior Audit (Periódico Correo)

The irregularities with the largest amounts disaggregated in the document, featured by local media outlet Periódico Correo, are the following:

Based in the review of several projects, the researchers observed that $4,990,000 pesos were used without any valid documents to support those operations, so it was impossible to prove the origin of those payments made with resources of FISM on the year 2012.

These irregular deals were conducted between the former municipal Urban Development and Territorial Planning Office and private contractors such as: Projects and Developments EDJOSA SA de CV; Hecho en Guanajuato S.A DE C.V.; Regarro del Bajío S. A DE C.V.; and Suppliers of Equipment, Supplies and Services PESS S.A DE C.V.




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