Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

Gendarmerie, Federal Police Force returns to Guanajuato

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GUANAJUATO, Gto. (OEM -Informex) .- The Director of Public Safety, Christian Ortiz Muñiz, announced that the Municipal Preventive Police of Guanajuato will receive the support of the Gendarmerie of the Federal Police in crime prevention for the state capital.

In this regard, the official said that he has already held a working meeting with José Humberto Ruiz Verdugo, in charge of the Sixth Group of Social Proximity of the Gendarmerie, to establish the basis for this collaborative work, which will help maintain the city streets safe.

He pointed out that  the Gendarmería will support local law enforcement agencies with security operations within the city and also at rural communities with the purpose of preventing acts that alter the public order. They will also be present at sporting and entertaining events.

“We are intensifying the operations with the presence of municipal police elements and now the Gendarmería is added,” said Ortiz Muñiz, who underlined that this work meets the citizens’ demand for more and better security.


Guanajuato’s Municipal Police Headquarters (Photo:

Safety needs to be strengthen in many parts of the city where young addicts and gang members have taken over streetss and alleys, where they consume illegal substances and “ask” passers-by for money.

In some areas such as “Calzada del Tecolote”, or the alleys that ascend to “Cerro del Cuarto” from “Terremoto” or “San Clemente”, gang members smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, as this has been denounced by local residents of those districts. The Gendarmerie is expected to stop this situation.

In that sense, the local Municipal Police corporation in charge of Ortiz Muñiz is in the process of making sure that their officers approve the corresponding tests of control and confidence (pruebas de control y confianza).


Gendarmerie, Federal Police Force (Photo: El Universal)




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