Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2017

LETTER to the Editor: In support of Mexico

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The following is a statement to Mexico and its people from Mr. Mark Bilker, a U.S. ex-pat and  San Miguel resident, Mark submitted this letter to the San Miguel Times Editor for publication.

Dear Editor:

I would like to add my voice of apology to those of so many others of my fellow ex-pats who are fortunate to call Mexico our home.

We are embarrassed and deeply chagrined by the unwarranted, misguided and gratuitous attacks on our Mexican friends and neighbors by President Trump and his administration.

My experiences and those of so many of my friends and neighbors have shown time and again the kindness, generosity of spirit, and inventiveness of our Mexican neighbors.

Far from the draconian picture drawn by our newly elected (with a minority of the popular vote it must be noted) “leader,” Mexico’s people daily offer irrefutable proof of a hard-working, upwardly striving, vibrant society.

The false claims offered in defense of the totally absurd wall proposal are just a piece in the new administration’s quest to bend reality to it’s selfish and ultimately indefensible upside down world view.

Please let our Mexican friends and neighbors know that the vast majority of the thousands strong expat community – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike – are actively working, both individually and collectively, through organizations – Dems Abroad SMA, Dems Abroad Mexico and the rapidly expanding “Indivisible – principal among them, to do all possible to oppose Trumpian edicts across the board.

The direction that the Trump administration is taking, most especially towards Mexico, does not represent the thinking of the majority of Americans and clearly is not reflective of the thinking of the Mexican expat community.

Again, my apologies for the damage and hurt my misguided government is causing this wonderful country and its citizens.

Yours truly,

Mark Bilker

San Miguel de Allende

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The opinions expressed in letters to the editor are those of the writers and not necessarily those of The San Miguel Times.



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  1. B T Ryan says:

    The Mark Bilker opinion published Feb 16, 2017 does not represent the majority of expats living in Mexico but is his own misguided perception and ignorance of the major problems that exist both in Mexico and the USA. President Trump has not made misguided and gratuitous attacks on your Mexican friends and neighbors. He has presented statistical facts regarding specific crimes committed by individuals residing illegally in the USA and NOT just illegal Mexicans.Something must be done immediately since previous administrations beginning with Clinton 25 years ago have promised to address the immigration problems but the problem has been ignored by these previous administrations and the problems exacerbated. This is just the tip of the iceberg and what the Trump administration needs right now is Americans to unite regardless of political interest for the good of America and for our neighbors to the north and south east and west. We do not need the likes of a Mr Bilker to apologize to his neighbors to the south for the much needed action too long ignored. If we do not act immediately the American we have grown to know and love will very soon not exist and the majority of Mexican people will be left behind in poverty and despair with no hope for a better future with the extensive government corruption that has existed in Mexico the past several generations. Something must be done the problem cannot be swept under the rug any longer and once the USA begins the climb to greatness again so may our great neighbors to the south.

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