Published On: Thu, Feb 9th, 2017

‘Vibra Mexico’ a nationwide movement to take over SMA, León and Irapuato

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A total of 77 NGOs and universities are organizing ‘Vibra Mexico,’ nationwide demonstrations in several Mexican cities, against what they call “Donald Trump’s disrespect for Mexico”, and to demand a stronger and more energetic response from the Mexican government.

The organizing committee is integrated by the National University of Mexico (UNAM), the Center for Research and Economic Doctrine (Centro de Investigación y Doctrina Económica, CIDE), Amnesty International, Article 19, Cause in Common (Causa en común), the Colegio de Mexico, Free Letters (Cartas Libres), United Mexican States Against Corruption and Impunity (Estados Unidos Mexicanos contra la corrupción y la impunidad), Mexico SOS, Nexos, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Transparencia Mexicana, Universidad de Guadalajara, Universidad Iberoamericana, UAM, among others.

sma marcha

Marcha Ciudadana SMA (Google)



Marcha ciudadana León (Google)


During a press conference, some of the organizers emphasized that this march aims to express rejection and indignation against the sayings and actions of U.S. President Donald Trump towards Mexico.

“What we are doing is for Mexico” said Enrique Graue, UNAM rector, during the national presentation of this act.

During these simultaneous marches, demonstrators will require the federal government to place the rights of all Mexicans above any negotiations with the U.S.; and will demand permanent reports from the Mexican government on negotiations with the Trump administration.


Marcha ciudadana Irapuato(Google)


In SMA, Guanajuato, the appointment is at 12:00 pm; the march will go from El Cardo to the Jardín Allende, downtown San Miguel.

In León, Guanajuato, the appointment is at 11:00 am; the march will go from the Cultural Forum to the Main Square, downtown León.

In Irapuato, Guanajuato, the appointment is at 1:00 p.m., the march will start at the Monument to the Flag to the Plaza Hidalgo.




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