Published On: Wed, Mar 29th, 2017

Celaya residents humiliate an alleged thief

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CELAYA, Guanajuato — An alleged thief was surprised by Hacienda del Bosque inhabitants, in Celaya, whom they beat, tied on a pole and lowered his trousers. The residents all drew a legend on his chest, which said “I am a rat” (Yo soy una rata), in order to punish and humiliate him.

El Hijo del Llanero Solititito published a series of photographs on Facebook, in which a man is observed under the conditions already mentioned.

The facts occurred on Sunday March 25, at 7:10 am, when the alleged thief entered a house, looking to rob it. He was identified as Pedro Enrique Vázquez Hernández with the address Lomas de Padierna, “Ciudad de México” neighborhood.



“Pedro Vázquez allegedly came to rob a house, thinking that all its residents had left, nevertheless he never expected that one of the members of the family was inside a room. The person heard a noise, appeared and shouted to the delinquent.”

Although the alleged offender tried to flee, he could not and finally he was apprehended. Apparently it was not the first time he committed a robbery in this area but now the neighbors decided to do justice by their own hands.

The man was beaten and his feet and hands were tied to a pole, and his trousers were lowered. Afterwards the man was detained by the Municipal Police and taken before the proper authorities.




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