Published On: Mon, Mar 6th, 2017

French sport apparel firm “Le Coq Sportif” opens new plant in Guanajuato

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The French Firm Le Coq Sportif joins “Made in México” campaign.

This French company currently operates in the country hand in hand with Mexican business partner: Sportmex multi-brand distributor.

Both companies are pleased to announce the beginning of their footwear production in the the state of Guanajuato next June. Mostly, these are important news for the city of León, “footwear capital of the world”, as locals say . However, the statement indicates that this will be a pilot test.

Le Coq Sportif tienda 728

Le Coq Sportif store (Photo:

 “If the consumer finds added value in a product made in Mexico, we will produce some of our products in the country,” a Sportmex spokesperson told

The company assures that supplying in the country would reduce the costs of shoes by 20% and this will benefit the Mexican textile industry through the creation of more direct and indirect jobs.

Currently, 70% of the footwear made in Mexico is produced in Guanajuato, meaning that 175 million pairs of shoes are manufactured in this state every year. In fact, Guanajuato (and particularly León) is placed ninth as footwear producer worldwide.

Le Coq Sportif was established in Mexico in 2013. The company operates points of sale in “El Palacio de Hierro” as well as in other department stores and sports shops in the most exclusive shopping centers nationwide.




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