Published On: Fri, Mar 24th, 2017

Guanajuato feels impact from growth of hotel industry

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“For this year, Guanajuato has received important investments in the hospitality sector, with a significant economic impact of $1.7 billion pesos ($85 million USD)”, said Fernando Olivera Rocha, Guanajuato’s Secretary of Tourism.

The exponential growth in this sector is not only impacting municipalities in the industrial corridor, but also in the southern, since there are business hotels as well.

“The demand of these kinds of hotels have increased significantly during the last years due to the fact that new industrial sectors have established along this region, creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs”, explained Olivera Rocha.


Fernando Olivera Rocha, State’s Secretary of Tourism (Photo:

The official continued: “In this regard, the municipalities of Salamanca and Irapuato have received significant investments in this matter, impacting others sectors such as restaurant sector, which presents high figures”. This fact will take place in other new industrial regions, where these types of accommodation establishments (with approx. 60 rooms) will be needed by the new employees or business men.

The development of new industrial zones in Guanajuato immediately triggers a demand of more services, such as hotels. Therefore, the proper authorities will need to satisfy it through an intense campaign in order to boost new investments (new hotels), especially in the municipalities of Salvatierra, Yuriria, Acámbaro and Comonfort.

During the current State Government administration, an estimated 9.5 billion pesos have been invested in the hotel sector statewide.




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