Published On: Tue, Mar 28th, 2017

Mayor of León announces 400 infrastructure projects

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LEÓN, Gto. — “León’s government is going to invest more than $5,200 million pesos ($260 million USD) in 2017, in order to carry out at least 400 infrastructure urban projects that will help to improve strategic areas of this municipality and boost significantly its economy, such as its connectivity with other cities, a public lighting project and to make more paving works through the city,” informed Mayor Héctor López Santillana, in the announcement of the “Public Works Investment Program 2017”.

Governor of Guanajuato Miguel Márquez Márquez took advantage of his position during the event to announce two other infrastructure works that are not considered in the program: 1. The construction of an sport center in the back of the Metropolitan Park, 2. A viewpoint on the top of Cerro Gordo that allows visitors and León’s residents to appreciate the Urban sky view in all its magnitude.

López Santillana acknowledged that the state government supports the development of the most important projects for León. He reiterated that it is a relationship of coordination, not of subordination, though.

The investment program included several works presented in the Government Program 2015-2018, such as the construction of the Metropolitan Axis, a renovation lighting plan, the rehabilitation of the city access, the construction of several linear parks and cycle paths, among others.

Mayor Héctor López declared that he is a man who likes to make long-range projects. He said he is dedicated to carry out useful strategies, and to plan good works. Finally, he pointed out that the occurrences in the government are unsuccessful”.

The official invited community leaders and settler committee presidents to join efforts to develop the city, and make their dreams true, leaving a better future for the next generations.

“We do not want to make a show through these works, nor benefit the vehicles. We are looking for impacting and developing our cities in order to get a high quality of life among our citizens. We are very convinced that if we can imagine a better future, we are capable of building it, as León’s residents have shown over time. “

The mayor emphasized his main interest is to reach a municipality free of crime and violence, including harassment.

“Our municipality has the commitment to recognize the human scale, we should strengthen the person values, not only through the bricks, infrastructure, nor the buildings”, said López Santillana.

Miguel Marquez concluded that while at national level we have financial difficulties, in León we will make an unprecedented investment in Public Works, projects that will benefit the most deprived population.




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