Published On: Wed, Mar 1st, 2017

Mayor of San Francisco del Rincón asks to harden penalties against “Bad Hombres”

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According to, with information from “Proceso magazine” and “Aristegui Noticias”, Ysmael López García, Mayor of San Francisco del Rincón, asked the state deputies on behalf of all Guanajuato’s mayors to reform the State Criminal Code in order to harden the penalties for crimes, before the new wave of deportees from the United States comes in, because “not all of them are working people”.

The group of municipal presidents along with representatives from 46 Guanajuato’s municipalities attended to the bi-annual meeting of the Financial Liaison Board (Junta de enlace financiero) with the State Congress. There, López García sent the foolowing request to the legislators:

“A significant increase in the number of deportees is expected as a result of the immigration policy imposed by the US president, Donald Trump”, the mayor said.

He continued: “Given the current scenario, and assuming that not all those who will come are working people (bad hombres), it is very important to be more effective in law enforcement issues. The criminal regulation must be clear and more punishable against different crimes.”


“If we do not take the necessary precautions, our security is in great risk,” added the mayor referring to Guanajuato’s deported migrants.

Ysmael López continued: “Being sensitive to the current conditions in which our countrymen will return, we must reintegrate them into a social and productive life “.

“We have to  work on ensuring the safety of our citizens,” he concluded.




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