Published On: Thu, Apr 20th, 2017

1,200 illegal aliens detained in Guanajuato and deported to Central America

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Guanajuato – Mireya Topete Mendoza, Deputy of the National Institute of Migration, stated that a series of inspections on state and federal highways, bus stations and road intersections in different municipalities, left a total of 150 illegal immigrants detained this year. The official declared that a total of 1,200 people were deported in 2016.

Topete explained: “Our institute conducts a series of inspections on certain parts of the state, where illegal aliens have been detected, detained and deported to their countries of origin”.

“Probably, due to the new immigration policies carried out by U.S. President Donald Trump, the number of people detected has decreased this year, and only 150 foreigners have been taken to the INM offices so far this year in the state of Guanajuato.”



Mireya Topete also noted that these illegal immigrants come mostly from Central American countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador, many of them are caught trying to pass as Mexican nationals.

According to reports by the INM, many foreigners trying to reach the United States are caught near the railways in Irapuato and Celaya, and as we said before, during 2016 1,200 people were detained and deported to their countries of origin, during the operations.




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