Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2017

An explosion causes anxiety in Guanajuato; no injured or dead

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In the evening hours of Sunday April 9, a handmade device exploded in the downtown area of Guanajuato, generating alarm and anxiety among dozens of people who were gathered in the main plaza, and others who were visiting the garden located in “Cuauhtemoc” street.

Another alleged artifact without detonating was found in the public road by Civil Protection personnel with the support of Municipal Police officers, who immediately cordoned off the perimeter.


(Photo: Periódico Expreso)


The Deputy of the Attorney Region “D” reported that the ‘outbreak’ occurred around 09:00 p.m, which triggered  several damages in a home and a vehicle; they also informed that there were no injuries or dead. However, three people presented nervous breakdown, who were attended by Red Cross paramedics.

Army specialists lifted the explosive device and transferred it to the Sarabia military base for study.




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