Published On: Wed, Apr 12th, 2017

Governor of Guanajuato announces cabinet reshuffle: 2 new Secretaries

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On Tuesday April 11, Governor of Guanajuato Miguel Márquez Márquez announced two changes in the state’s cabinet:

Gustavo Rodríguez Junquera, former State’s Attorney for Human Rights, was appointed Secretary of State Government replacing Antonio Salvador García López.

Meanwhile, military doctor Daniel Alberto Díaz Martinez will be in charge of Guanajuato’s Secretary of Health.

Rodríguez Junquera will take office on April 17, while the new head of Health will assume his post on May 30.

Márquez said that Rodríguez Junquera was invited to join the state government team during the closure of his mandate, and underlined that “our government has a very clear mandate: “to have openness, dialogue with different instances, political parties, the local Congress, and social organizations”.


Gustavo Rodríguez Junquera, Governo Miguel Márquez Márquez, Dr. Daniel Alberto Díaz Martinez (Photo: El Universal)

“I’m sure we’ll have to close this administration very well until the last day,” he said.

The governor highlighted Junquera’s career as Minister of the Interior, Attorney General’s Office, and judge in the Federal Court of Conciliation and Arbitration as well as state’s ombudsman.

He also mentioned that in regard to the new Secretary of Health, he has management positions in this same state office.

Finally, the official thanked García López and Francisco Ignacio Ortiz Aldana, who for five years were in charge of the Secretaries of Government and Health, respectively.




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