Published On: Tue, Apr 4th, 2017

Graffiti artists bring unique art to Querétaro

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QUERÉTARO, Qro – Marcos Aguilar Vega, Mayor of Querétaro, announced that there were at least 500 walls to be painted by several graffiti artists in the “Urban Art Space” inside the Bicentennial Park facilities on Thursday March 30.

Aguilar Vega said: “In order to carry out this artistic activity, municipal authorities asked permission to the owners of some properties or lands to use their walls for those urban artists”.

mav-graffiti-770x392 (1)

(Photo: Quadratín de Querétaro)


In addition to those 500 walls, other spaces in the urban parks that are being built by the municipal government will be used for the same purpose.

The mayor added that this is an important effort to build ties between the Queretaro society and our government, through the boosting of cultural events, such as the graffiti and urban art, in which young people will be able to express their art.

He said that “the government’s position has usually been to criminalize this action. However, we have created an urban art council in order to incorporate this kind of art in our streets with harmony”.

Currently, there will be seven urban galleries in the municipality, aiming to generate spaces for this art and seek new talents. Querétaro will be the first state in the country where this type of actions are carried out, we must stop criminalizing, even though this provokes contrary political opinions.”




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