Published On: Thu, Apr 27th, 2017

“Mejora tu Escuela” features the best 11 schools in Celaya

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“Improving your school” (Mejora tu escuela) is a citizen initiative that offers a platform which allows all Guanajuato residents to know which are the best schools in the state, and also provides an educational traffic light (Semáforo Educativo) that measures the educational levels of each school. This platform is based on the results of the PLANEA Test(Previously, the tool was based on the results of the ENLACE Test).

“Mejora tu escuela” proposes an educational traffic light, where the green color indicates the schools with excellent results; the yellow light points out those schools that have good results; the orange light indicates the schools that barely pass the results (pasan de ‘panzazo’), and of course the red light  exposes those schools with bad results, basically that have failed the evaluation.

Based on the results of the PLANEA Test, there are 11 elementary schools in Celaya which result in an “Excellence level” according to the educational traffic light. You can check them out on the following video:





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