Published On: Fri, Apr 21st, 2017

Sewage Solutions

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Sewage water from Atotonilco is discharged into the Rio Laja. There are some who might not like that idea for a number of reasons. Enter Rotary, which names as one of its areas of focus water and sanitation. Rotary has a project to improve the sewage system at Atotonilco. Come to Rotary Tuesday, April 25, at 12:30 p.m. when Rotarian Rick Helberg will introduce Engineer BK Barringer, Jr., who will discuss sewage solutions for Mexico. The presentation will be free and in English at Hotel Mision, Salida a Queretaro 1, with free parking as well as access via the 7, 8, and 9 buses.

“Simpler sewer treatment processes work well in smaller rural situations,” said Helberg, who built lower cost sewer plants on the Mexican coast at Nayarit.

Barringer is a registered, licensed, professional U.S. civil engineer who. He has designed onsite septic systems, often called decentralized sewer systems, which are not connected to municipal sewage systems. “This approach is often different from the design and construction of large municipal collection and treatment plants in that the discharged effluent is treated to a level that is acceptable to the receiving soil or surface water,” said Barringer.


Projects Barringer has worked on include private residence systems, restaurants, commercial retail centers, gasoline stations, marinas, manufacturing plants, churches, public schools and residential communities. After moving to Mexico in 2010, he became aware of widespread poor sanitary conditions in small communities and communities whose sewer systems have been unable to keep ahead of growth.

Barringer formed a firm to provide proven innovative alternatives to the treatment and collection design typically used in Mexico. His approach is to recommend a collection and treatment system that addresses the needs of the project and provides an economical cost of operation. He designs systems that improve the health of the citizens and protect the environment.

Barringer is a permanent resident of Mexico, an Eagle Scout and a former president of two Rotary Clubs, through which he became a Paul Harris Fellow.


Rotary is where neighbors, friends and problem-solves share ideas, join leaders and take action to create lasting change. For more information, contact President Nate Fultz at and see

  • What: Rotary
  • Title: Sewage Solutions
  • Date, time: Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 12:30 p.m.
  • Where: Hotel Mision
  • Address: Salida a Queretaro 1
  • Extra info: 415 112 3413, 925 476 8117
  • Cost: Free

By Robin Loving



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