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Sponsor an Outstanding Student to University

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In past weeks, readers here learned of 16 of the 45 local Mexican honors students who are competing for the 25 university scholarships Jovenes Adelante hopes to offer to university this fall. Here are more profiles of those hopeful students. Sponsorships cost about $4 USD/day over what typically is a five-year university career, four years plus an internship, and sponsorships are tax deductible in the US, Mexico and Canada.

While we cannot guarantee a certain student for a sponsor, all of our potential students want to make you proud by breaking the cycles of historic economic disparity into which they were born. Thanks for being in touch with me at [email protected] as president of Jovenes Adelante if you are interested in sponsorship. Our students have an 85-percent graduation rate – higher than in the US, Mexico, or Canada. Thank you!

Female international commerce major from SMA has a talent learning languages. She is taking classes in English and Japanese and has mentored some of her friends in English. She wants to fly high in her career.

Female business administration major from the campo has a perfect GPA of 10 and has talent in drawing. She has leadership abilities and likes to work in a team for common goals.

Female administration major from the campo has a special talent for playing the flute. She has great capacity for leadership and likes to work in a team.


Male engineering major from SMA has special talent with the guitar. He is passionate about projects that involved electricity and construction of electro-mechanical technical equipment. He is a leader and has asthma problems.

Male civil engineering major from SMA has special talent in photography. He likes to create and innovate and is passionate about construction. His favorite pass-time is editing photos and videos.

Female business administration and development major from the campo special talent in carpentry.  She likes to make furniture. There have been violence and health issues in her family, so she has worked in community projects giving talks at schools about family violence, sexuality, drugs and alcoholism. She has worked in administration and accounting. She is a leader.

Female nursing major from SMA loves to read Paolo Coelho and take photographs. She is passionate about the human body. She did her social service at Red Cross and has collaborated with the Biblioteca giving classes in English and values for children. She likes to lead teams and has an open mind. She has long- and short-term goals.

Female administration major from SMA has special talents in classical and contemporary dance. She is a natural leader who has organized events in her neighborhood. Her dad has an ongoing illness.

Female gastronomy major from the campo is a waitress and likes to play guitar. She especially likes to make desserts and wants to be an entrepreneur. She likes to lead groups.

For more information, see JovenesAdelante.org and/or call Robin Loving at 415 112 3413 (SMA) or 925 476 8117 (US/Canada).

By Robin Loving

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