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Students Seek University Scholarships

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This is the final article in series profiling local, Mexican honors students who seek to attend university although they lack the financial resources to do so. It takes only $4 USD/day over five years – or about the same amount as a cup of coffee at an upscale coffee shop – to sponsor a Jovenes Adelante student. Jovesnes Adelante is a 16-year old nonprofit whose students have an 85-percent graduation rate – higher than in the US, Mexico, or Canada.

And, Jovenes Adelante offers tax deductions in each of those countries. Read about these outstanding students and open your hearts to sponsoring one or more. Individuals, organizations, and businesses enjoy the benefits of sponsorship. For more information, contact Robin Loving, president, at [email protected], 415 112 3413 (SMA), and/or 925 476 8117 (US/Canada) for more information.

While we cannot guarantee a certain student for a specific sponsor, we can share with you the opportunity to watch amazing talent grow into opportunities to better the world!

Female software development/systems major from the campo likes to dance and solve math problems. She wants to innovate and invent new technologies that help society resolve critical problems. She is giving basic computer classes to children in her community because she likes sharing her knowledge with others.

Male engineering major from SMA is a salesperson at a department store. He likes photography and is curious about how things function. He has constructed solar heaters from recycled materials.




Female visual communication and design engineering major from SMA has special talents in photography and is very creative. She performed her social service collecting games for local orphanages.

Female accounting major from SMA likes drawing. She is passionate about numbers. She has participated in a committee in her colonia to improve the park with games and a soccer field.

Female tourism major from SMA wants to know various cultures. She likes to relate with people to interchange ideas and learn. Her goal is to work in eco-tourism.

Male software development/systems major from the campo is good in math. He is passionate about computers and software. H collaborated with the elementary school in his community to give basic computer classes to the children. He is involved in social projects to better the condition of his countrymen. He wants to get a good job to help his family.

Male engineering student from SMA has special talents in painting and drawing.  He has leadership abilities and so participated in social projects such as Adopt a Tree and My Clean Technology. He also tutors other students in his group. He is known for his tenacity and responsibility.

Female biotechnology engineer from the camp has a 9 GPA even though she is dyslexic and has other health challenges. She is a natural leader who likes to organize and help people.

Male mechanical engineering major from SMA is working as a caregiver for an older person. His special talent is playing the guitar. He is very entrepreneurial and responsible.

Male geophysical engineer from SMA is passionate about relating to planet Earth, and San Miguel in particular. He is a natural leader.

Male industrial engineering major from the is working in carpentry. His special talents are in painting and drawing and he likes the arts and sports. He has participated in national drawing contests and has won first prize twice. He participated in community projects to plant trees and care for them.

By Robin Loving

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