Published On: Fri, May 19th, 2017

150th anniversary of the triumph of the Republic celebrated in Querétaro

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Federal, State and Municipal authorities celebrated together the 150th anniversary of the triumph of the Republic, in which they emphasized that México has struggled for its ideals every day from that historical event until the present time.

During the celebration that took place at “Plaza Fundadores” in the downtown area of Querétaro, the President of the National Academy José Elías Romero Apis pointed out that 150 years ago México had an ideal, it was that change was possible for the country, and that ideal still remains today.

“Many countries would go through similar processes like México. They were emulating -sometimes unintentionally- a generation of Mexicans, maybe, without being aware of that”, said Romero Apis.

Then, he said: “For them (other countries): remember and memory; for us: example and consignment, and finally for México: honor and glory”.

Meanwhile, Governor Domínguez Servién issued a petition to the Congress of the Union to approve “the Law of Interior Security” as soon as possible.

“I’m really convinced and my commitment is that the Mexican Army gradually returns to their barracks; we must assume that responsibility and we need to generate the conditions in order to reach our common goal,” the official emphasized.

Based on the restoration of the Republic as an example to all Mexicans, Domínguez Servién showed the arduous task of rebuilding the walls of Mexican institutions.

During the ceremony, the Great Order “Victory of the Republic” was awarded to 12 personalities, among them, the constitutionalist Sergio García Ramírez.


On May 15, 1867, the city of Querétaro was taken by liberals, resulting the fall of the Second Mexican Empire. (Photo: Twitter/@MuseoPresidente)




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