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Five reasons to become an expat in México

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Since our move from Canada to Huatulco Mexico, we wake up everyday with thankfulness in our hearts to be expats. We love our home country, but find solace in having traded a go-go-go mentality and brutally cold winters for mañana time and 350 days of sunshine!  Our Mexican paradise is cozy and friendly, laid back and affordable – and we don’t have to shovel a thing!

 We love Huatulco Mexico so much that we’ve come up with a few of the many reasons to become an expat in Mexico.

Retired couple on beach chairs on beach

Retired couple on beach chairs on beach (Google)

  1. MañanaTime

Back home, this phrase came with a negative connotation of laziness and procrastination. However, the concept is much more positive – and beautiful – than that. The word mañana means “tomorrow” or “in the morning,” and when coupled with “time,” speaks to a here-and-now approach to life. Natives believe this concept reminds others to not worry about the future, but to live in the moment.

 We get to enjoy mañana time every day as we work with our friends, neighbours and clients. We dedicate time to finding balance between our professions and what we need to do for rest and rejuvenation. And isn’t balance what life is all about? So we give a nod to mañana time each day, and encourage others to adopt it into their lives.

  1. Life “On the Cheap” 

While considering our move, we compared the cost of living in Canada to that of Mexico. The latter was far more afforable. Groceries, utilities, nightlife, travel and medical supplies – they’re all less expensive in Huatulco. I can also pay for services that are better left to professionals, such as lawn maintainence and house cleanings. Even the taxes (income, sales and real estate) are lower, allowing us to save money for the things and activities that matter most to us.

  1. Language Leads to Confidence

You don’t have to learn Spanish to be an expat in Huatulco Mexico, but we strongly recommend that you do. Prospective expats can get a jump on lessons before they even pack their first box or suitcase. This is most helpful when they do make their transition, easing communication with neighbours, businesses and service people.

 Learning the language can also build confidence, which is needed when making such an important life change. Expanding our minds, perspectives and skills have helped us to live as citizens of the world and as contributing members of the community.

 If you’ve dreamt of living in Mexico, we suggest starting a language course. It fosters excitement as well as an understanding of your eventual home away from home. There are many ways to learn Spanish, including software programs, tutors and conversation partners, movies and our favourite, novellas (soap operas)! Even if you learn “survival Spanish,” you will feel so much more connected.

  1. Off to Work We Go!

Because we fell in love with the area and invested in property in Huatulco, we gained an invaluable education. We now know what it takes to become an expat, which has allowed us to move into an entrepreneurial direction. Today we help others realize their real estate investment dreams right here in our favourite part of the country.

 As business owners, we enjoy the freedom of working anywhere in the world (as long as the WiFi is connected)! We’ve gained time and freedom, two incredibly important gifts. A number of our clients have done the same thing – started their own businesses and – and we’ve been here to help and support. Of course, an entrepreneurial journey is not for everyone and that’s okay. Some want the security of working for an organization. We applaud that too, and have been ready to help them reach out to employment agencies and/or business contacts in the area. We have found that local businesses truly value what expats bring to the table, especially if their talents and skills are unique to the industry.

The beauty of becoming an expat is that there is something in Mexico for everyone who wants to contribute to the workforce. (And if retirement is more your speed, then we can help you make the most of that, too!)

  1. Hearts at Rest

Here in Mexico, our hearts are at rest. We feel a sense of belonging, of contentment and of peace. We couldn’t be happier to be expats, and believe that our experiences have allowed us to give and serve on a level beyond anything we could have ever done back home. Mexico embraced us, and we are thrilled to give back by helping others realize all that she has to offer.

Source: https://amarfriendsfoundation.wordpress.com/

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