Published On: Wed, May 10th, 2017

Gov. Márquez lays foundation stone of the Operational Military Headquarters in Irapuato

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IRAPUATO, Gto – On Monday May 8th, at the foundation-stone ceremony for the Operational Military Headquarters XII Region based on Irapuato, Miguel Márquez Márquez, Governor of Guanajuato, underlined that: “Safety must be above any interest”.

The official emphasized: “These works carried out by my government are really important to maintain great levels of security in our state, we are constantly working in coordination with the Mexican Army”.

The Secretary of National Defense, General Salvador Cienfuegos along with the Mayors of Irapuato, Salamanca, Celaya, Pénjamo and León, Federal and State deputies, and other officials attended the event in the municipality of Pénjamo, Guanajuato.

“This project is for all, a project in which the health and well being of the people of Guanajuato must be above any other interest. I’m really convinced that this is a project in which we are all focused on the same goal. It’s a way express our gratitude to the Mexican Army”, declared the official.

Military engineers designed and built this facility that covers a 40-hectare (98.42 acres) within the XII Military Region headquarters based in Irapuato, and will house 3,200 troops of the Military Patrol in order to strengthen the cooperation and coordination among the three government orders in the national struggle against insecurity.

“Out of the $275 million pesos ($ 13.7 million USD) that were necessary to build this project, the state government is contributing with $200 million pesos ($10 million USD), to create a trust in collaboration with Guanajuato’s businessmen and entrepreneurs to meet the budget”, said Márquez.

The head of the state government expressed that: “This achievement is the result of the coordinated work between different government organisms. We are looking to preserve public order and peace in Guanajuato. This task undoubtedly involves all members of society”.

Márquez continued: “No doubt that there are many hands, many hearts, but above all many good wishes involved in this project that is for everyone”, and then, the governor called on all citizens to continue fighting against insecurity.

General Miguel Angel Patiño, on behalf of the Mexican Army, and Commander of the 12th Military Region, highlighted the presence of the Military Police Brigade in representation of the Federal government. He also said that: “the participation of Military agents in this struggle strengthens the cooperation in the fight against insecurity. The establishment of this brigade in Irapuato seeks to strengthen our law enforcement structure along the Bajío region, as well”.

Finally, Governor Miguel Márquez reiterated his commitment to make the necessary changes in security regulations, in order to effectively combat organized crime, prohibit the possession of firearms for the exclusive use of the Mexican Army, and put a stop to other illegal activities such as the theft of fuel.




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