Published On: Wed, May 31st, 2017

New industrial park will boost Guanajuato’s economic development

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In a couple of months the construction of the Industrial Park “Colinas de León II” owned by Grupo Lintel will start with an investment of $30 million USD.

On Tuesday May 30, during the ceremony to lay the foundation stone of this innovative new park, it was announced that the project will have the capacity to receive at least 30 companies that will generate 4,500 direct and indirect jobs.

145 hectares will be developed in its first phase, and 65 additional hectares of infrastructure will developed on a second stage.

After “Pilba” and “Colinas de León I” industrial park, this is the third major industrial complex built in the city of León, and number 22 in the state of Guanajuato during the administration of the governor Miguel Marquez Márquez.

“The growing of Guanajuato does not stop, it becomes more solid. And that’s why we are here, laying the foundation stone of this industrial park number 22 statewide, so we are setting a record, as the state that has opened more spaces for industrial development in such a short period of time, five years ” said the governor.



Arturo Crespo, Director of Administration and Finance of Grupo Lintel, mentioned in an interview that: “automotive and logistics companies will arrive at this park located in the “Santa Rosa – Plan of Ayala” Community.

“In this park we will look for an average non-polluting industry. The next industry is dry; that means it does not pollute… Its waste water will go to a treatment plant, in order to avoid any negative ecologic impact on the nearby communities. “

During the presentation of the project, it was announced that they expect to start operations in May 2018 and the park will have services such as: electricity, integrated urbanization, drinking water, wastewater treatment, drainage, natural gas, fiber optics and high tech security.

The mayor of León, Héctor López Santillana, concluded announcing the construction of three more industrial parks in the city.




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