Published On: Mon, May 29th, 2017

Toilet paper brings new meaning to ‘Dump Trump’

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Toilet paper with Donald Trump’s face on the packaging will be marketed across Mexico to help raise funds for deportees.

“Trump” toilet paper is the brainchild of lawyer Antonio Battaglia from Guanajuato, who registered the trademark in August 2015 with the slogan “Softness without borders”.

Battaglia told CNN’s Southern affiliate that he came up with the idea after becoming enraged at President Trump’s comments about Mexicans.

“It annoyed me and I started to look for a way to do something that would have an impact, not in a tone of mocking or revenge but in a positive way,” the lawyer said.


Mexican lawyer Antonia Battaglia has created Trump toilet paper, which he plans to put into production by late 2017. Thirty percent of proceeds will go to migrants from the United States now living in Mexico. (Image:

Battaglia said he plans to allocate 30 percent of his profits to supporting migrants and deportees.

The Mexican lawyer – who comes from a family of shoemakers – first attempted to register a clothing a footwear brand with the Trump name but was scooped by the US president’s daughter, Ivanka.

Battaglia is not the first person to produce a Trump TP with other similar products available on eBay and Amazon.

One Amazon review listed the paper “abrasive and doesn’t get the job done”.




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