Published On: Tue, May 9th, 2017

Trash in watercourses a recurring issue in León

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No sooner have authorities in León, Guanajuato, cleaned up the trash in watercourses and the municipality’s drainage network than residents come along and replace it with more, according to Mexico News Daily.

As the rainy season approaches workers are removing waste to allow the water to flow freely and prevent flooding.

But once an area is cleared it becomes littered again in a matter of days.

By March the local water department had cleaned 20.6 kilometers of watercourses, removing 11.2 tonnes of trash including mud and vegetation.


(Photo: Mexico News Daily)


From storm drains, workers removed 295 tonnes of trash, while just over 1,000 tonnes of mud was dredged from the sewer system.

The water department’s plan is to clear an additional 60 kilometers of dry streambeds that crisscross the municipality before the rains come. But that won’t be an easy task because many people have established dwellings near and even in them.

“We’ve notified a large number of them who are located in high-risk zones; we’ve warned them that they cannot be there and that the federal right-of-way and the natural course of the streams must be respected,” said Civil Protection director Salomón Ocampo Mendoza.

The León water department continues to advise residents to dispose of trash properly in order to allow the natural hydrological system and the municipality’s hydraulic infrastructure to function as intended and avoid situations that could put their safety at risk.




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