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Dangerous “Inmates” moved from Monterrey to Guanajuato

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After recent disturbs that left an injured, several criminals were transferred from Nuevo Leon state penitentiary center to federal prisons in Guanajuato and other states.

Criminals linked to organized crime were removed from the “Topo Chico” federal penitentiary in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and taken to different state facilities in Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Durango, Michoacán and Veracruz.

Around 3,000 inmates burned mattresses and made posters to denounce that a criminal leader identified as “Kakino” took control the “Topo Chico” penitentiary in Monterrey and started charging to other inmates “protection” fees.

After the protest, the capo officially identified as Jaime Cabrera Escalante, was also transferred to a federal prison.

A total of 53 inmates were transferred to a federal prision in Guanajuato, 39 of them during the morning hours and other 14 more late in the evening.

Inmates and their relatives said that the Nuevo León government sought to position Cabrera as leader of the “Topo Chicho” penitentiary and to impose the collection of fees.


(Photo: am.com.mx)


“We do not want to pay any fees and we don’t want “Kakino” in charge, it’s the government who wants the fees”, shouted inmates from the roofs to members of the press standing outside the building.

The same messages were also observed written down on sheets and cardboards that inmates were showing from the facility roof.

Among the 39 leaders linked to organized crime that were removed from “Topo Chico”, was Julio César Pardo Leyva also known as “La July“.

Pardo allegedly controlled the prison since last year, months after a group of inmates massacred 49 inmates on February 11 2016. After that incident, inmates’ relatives have assured that there was no payment of fees.

At a morning press conference, state security spokesman Aldo Fasci reported that at 8:30 am, 1,200 federal and state police officers were admitted to the prison to conduct a routine review.

He reported that 39 dangerous inmates that were leaders in those state prisons had been transferred to different prison facilities in other parts of Mexico. “All listed as cartel leaders in the state,” Fasci said.

After the transfer, the inmates demonstrated around 1:00 p.m., when detonations were heard and minutes later a column of black smoke emerged.

Fasci said the detonations were caused by gas guns and the fire was due to burned mattresses.

Minutes later, dozens of inmates climbed to the roofs to express their opposition to Cabrera.

Fasci said that this is only a rumor generated in order to destabilize the prison.

A state security spokesperson called for a press conference and reported that Cabrera and 13 other inmates were transferred to federal prisons. Cabrera was considered at risk, since 3,000 prison inmates were demonstrating against him.

Source: https://www.am.com.mx

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