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Editorial: López Obrador a Nefarious Politician

by sanmigueltimes
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Snakes and Ladders…

Elections were held yesterday in Estado de Mexico and other parts of the country. Many people expected MORENA to win, and they did win some, but so far, it seems they have lost their main target. So, many people claim fraud has been committed, however, what many do not realize is, people actually believe López Obrador is a danger to this country. So, in a very tight result, it seems like the PRI party might have won Estado de Mexico again. But why? Here is a possible explanation.

López Obrador is a nefarious politician, he has widely demonstrated it to the point of exhaustion, but many people don’t see it, they don’t realize that AMLO intends to govern Mexico using rhetoric, pure saliva, since his formulas and economic doctrines are TRASH, historically verified over the years. His populist method has totally demonstrated its outdatedness and inefficiency … and it is as easy as being reflected in the mirror of Venezuela, remembering the promises never fulfilled by Chavez and today the autocracy and stubbornness of Maduro, a dictator who talks to birds and denies the reality of his people who clamor at seeing their most basic needs ignored. In fact, Venezuela was not perfect, maybe it was far from being it and I do not think there is a single place where that actually is the case, but Venezuela fell from a bad situation to another one much worse.

Tweet from the official account of the Venezuela Embassy in Mexico "We celebrate the Morena Party, for their unlimited support to the Bolivariana Revolution. ¡Viva Mexico y Venezuela!" (Image: Google)

Tweet from the official account of the Venezuela Embassy in Mexico “We celebrate the Morena Party, for their unlimited support to the Bolivariana Revolution. ¡Viva Mexico y Venezuela!” (Image: Google)

Andrés Manuel López Obrador hates to be compared to Chavez and Maduro, but… his autocratic and despotic actions speak for themselves. He has allied with one of the greatest enemies of our country, the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), a trade union organization whose mode of operation is more related to a criminal organization, which defends lost causes and bets on ignorance and backwardness. Ignorance is a good way to control.

Using tactics that seem to belong to the mob, they steal, burn, block and paralyze entire cities without anyone stopping them. I can’t help wondering: How can a person who wants the change and improvement of his country ally with people of this kind? Even less so when they are those who should be helping to shape the future of our children. Today we are a country of people who do not read, with low achievement in mathematics, science, spelling, history, civility, and it is better no to talk about ethics.

Every time he has a microphone in front of his face, Andrés Manuel blusters, pants, pulls his hair, rips his clothes and accuses, not teachers who have kidnapped the education of hundreds of thousands of children, but the corruption of this country. But he does not speak about the corruption on his own watch, for example, when he was Mexico City’s chief of government he refused to execute more than 500 judicial decisions and he resisted obeying the sentences issued by the Supreme Court of Justice. In addition several of his closest associates were recorded receiving or spending money that did not belong to them. What if we speak now about moral quality? Let us not forget when he prevented the Senate from deliberating freely and sovereignly by surrounding the building with elements from the Mexico City police department, to prevent the voting of a law that did not suit him. Or when he “sent to hell” the institutions of the Mexican Republic, or when he paralyzed Mexico City and bankrupted hundreds of businesses, and we can continue. He speaks of ending corruption, but until today no one knows how he has financed his party, his widely known high level of life or how much he earns.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador hates being compared to Chavez and Maduro, but… He proposes to drill, produce and transport oil, “to recover our oil that has been stolen since the petroleum is not from the government or Peña, much less from foreigners, it is from the people and the nation” (sic) to build refineries, service stations and more … all operated by the government. Throughout history government has proven to be a terrible administrator and entrepreneur, but for those who have a bad memory, I recall the dire “decentralized companies” of Echeverría, Lopez Portillo and De la Madrid. The most evident proof of that is that PEMEX today is the only monopoly oil company financially broken in the world.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador hates to compare himself with Chavez and Maduro, but … the older propaganda style uses the fear of “strange enemies” who create “plots” against him, in this case the famous “Mafia del Poder”  presumably led by former Mexican President Salinas de Gortari, Emilio Azcárraga passing through Carlos Slim, Roberto Hernández or Claudio X. González … but they have nothing to fear! AMLO has already promised them an amnesty to get to Los Pinos.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador hates being compared to Chávez and Maduro, but … just like them, he hates dialogue, debates or exchanges of ideas with other politicians, he hates journalists who do not give him defernence, in his press conferences and interviews. He talks about what he wants to be talked about, he disqualifies polls if they do not favor him and in the purest style of Fidel, Chavez and Maduro, there are monologues that last hours, where one of the central themes is the manipulation to the masses. It divides Mexicans between “good and bad”, “rich and poor”, faces them off against each other and seeks to create a gap between socioeconomic levels to profit politically from pain, resentment and social aspiration.

People say that Mexico isn’t in good shape … no, it isn’t, and of course it could be better, but it could also be MUCH worse. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at Venezuela.

Snakes and ladders

José E. Urioste

Mérida Yucatán, México


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