Published On: Wed, Jun 7th, 2017

“Mejora tu escuela” features the best private schools in San Miguel

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According to Unión Guanajuato, there are 15 private schools in San Miguel de Allende that offer students a high level of education.

The citizens’ initiative “Improve your school” (Mejora tu escuela) proposes a platform  (traffic light) that evaluates different schools based on the results obtained in the PLANEA test.

“Improve your school” is an educational traffic light, where the green color indicates the schools with excellent results; yellow for those that have good results; orange, for those that are acceptable but not good, and red for schools that fail the evaluation.


During this private schools’ research in San Miguel de Allende, seven of them have been granted the “green traffic light”, which means that they obtained the highest score. Eight more public schools were rated with the “yellow traffic light”, getting a good score, but far from perfect.

In this best private schools of San Miguel de Allende list, there are eight elementary schools (primaria), four junior high (secundaria) and three high schools (preparatoria).

Here is the list of the best private schools in San Miguel de Allende:




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