Published On: Mon, Jun 12th, 2017

Paseo Querétaro inaugurated

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QUERÉTARO – On Sunday June 11, the state governor along with the Mayor of the city of Querétaro Marcos Aguilar Vega led the ceremony opening of “Paseo Querétaro” Avenue. With an investment of $234,937,000 pesos, this new boulevard directly benefits around 750,000 people in the capital city and surrounding areas.

The state official said that this road is an alternative to reduce the traffic in the whole area, as well as to increase the inter-state, inter-municipal and local connections. The five kilometers in length will impact on the residents’ lifestyle, and especially in the families who live in the outskirts of the city.

“This is one of the main public works done by the Municipal Government, as a metropolitan area, we are working shoulder to shoulder with the state government,” Marcos Aguilar said.

The Paseo Querétaro avenue consists in six lanes along 4.89 km, trotter, bicycle lane, sidewalks, central ridge, outdoor gym for exercising, sanitary drainage network, pluvial connector, potable water network, traffic lights, horizontal signage, bus stops, landscaping and elements of accessibility and support for the visually impaired, impacting more than 110 communities in the north of the city.

In addition, Domínguez Servién announced another investment of $185 million pesos to intervene in neighborhoods such as “Menchaca”, “Satellite”, “Peñuelas”, “Cerrito Colorado”, “Pie de Gallo”, among others.

Mayor Marcos Aguilar Vega said that this road comes with an urban plan that protects the environment, projecting the city of Querétaro as an example at international level.




“This road is much more than a street, is a symbol, the symbol of our future and the new Querétaro that we are building together… Querétaro is a city with international projection, we innovate and mark the way to demonstrate that a Mexican city can be a great example for the rest of the world”, said Aguilar Vega.

He also emphasized the professionalism and commitment of the engineers and construction workers who executed this project. On behalf of the beneficiaries spoke Jaime Maldonado Sandoval, who thanked the two orders of government to fullfill the residents’ demands.

The president of the Chamber of the Mexican Construction Industry (CMIC) Alejandra Vega Reyes thanked the authorities for taking them into account to carry out this important project.




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