Published On: Tue, Jun 27th, 2017

Querétaro faces wave of violence

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Querétaro and its surrounding areas face a new wave of violence, when 5 people were murdered and another one resulted seriously injured during last weekend (June 24-25).

On Saturday June 24, armed men opened fire against a restaurant located in the municipality of “Apaseo el grande”, Guanajuato. Three people died and another one resulted seriously injured and was taken to the General Hospital in Celaya, Guanajuato.

The state’s Attorney General Office is currently conducting the proper investigation in order to find those responsible for this terrible crime.


State police officers conducting investigations related to another unfortunately crime in Querétaro (Photo:


So far, this fact has a direct relation with the crime occurred at bar “La Cabaña” last week, where several people were killed in a shooting.

Later that day, a man strangled his sentimental partner to death at “Loma Bonita” neighborhood, in the city of Querétaro. The individual went crazy as her girlfriend confessed to be cheating on him and that she was pregnant.

During the same weekend, a man murdered his cousin in the neighborhood of “Santa Rosa Jáuregui”. In this case, the state’s Attorney General’s Office informed that Law enforcement agents arrested the suspect and his legal status is yet to be determined by the corresponding authorities.




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