Published On: Sat, Jun 10th, 2017

Tell me what you post on Facebook and I’ll tell you if you deserve a US visa

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According to Reuters the procedure to apply for the US visa will get more complicated.

The US government has already fulfilled its promise to tighten the procedures for obtaining a visa. The goal of this measure is to prevent people from “threatening” the US government, Reuters reported.

The government headed by Donald Trump presented a new form for the procedure that includes questions about email accounts and social network platforms profiles.

(Photot: Nación 321)

(Photot: Nación 321)

The information required contemplates the last 5 years.

The new questions were approved last May 23 by the Office of Administration and Budget of the United States, agency which also gave green light for consular officials to request telephone numbers and at least 15 years of biographical data such as addresses, jobs and even travel history.

This form will be given to all persons wishing to process the visa to enter the United States.

The measure was a proposal raised by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly because he believes that controls on entry to the United States were not rigorous enough.

“We want to be able to consult their social networks with passwords,” Kelly said in a hearing before the House Homeland Security committee last February.

The official said that it was very difficult to carry out real security checks, but if someone wanted to enter their country, at least they wanted to know what kind of websites they visit.




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