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The “No vote, no Money” initiative will reduce resources for political parties

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The Congressmen of Guanajuato (diputados), are the best paid in all of Mexico. And do not generate proposals half as good as their salary. But the people of Guanajuato would love to see their representatives welcome the same initiative recently approved at the Jalisco Congress one week ago.

We are talking about the “No vote no money” initiative, which will reduce the enormous public resources allocated to political parties in Mexico.

The independent deputy Pedro Kumamoto, ex-student of ITESO, was the impeller of the proposal that will be applied in Jalisco’s next state election.


Deputy Pedro Kumamoto (Google)


Although the law is still pending to be published by the municipal councils, it will put the deputies against the wall, and would save billions of pesos that can be used for the benefit of the people and prevent the parties from squandering and implementing corrupt tactics.

Millions of Mexicans are hoping the Federal Congress adopts this important initiative, that needs to be voted by the Deputies of the Constitutional Points Commission, and if approved, it would allow political parties not to keep obtaining stratospheric sums of money from the national budget, that goes directly into these politicians pockets, instead of being used to solve some of the serious social problems that the Mexican society faces these days.

The “no vote no money” initiative is simple, political parties would receive a sum of money directly proportional to the number of valid votes received in the electoral process, and not to the number of registered voters, either they vote or not.

Currently each party receives money per person registered in the electoral roll, regardless of whether they vote or not. So, if economic resources are surrendered in exchange for actual valid votes cast, there could be considerable savings.

This also means that if the people of Mexico decide to protest against the political system by not attending the polls and refusing to vote, political parties would receive less money.

If the “No vote no money” initiative becomes a reality in Guanajuato, it would be possible to cut in half the budget for each political party, and we are talking of a figure in the neighborhood of the three billion pesos (167 million USD), which could be used for urgently needed social projects.

Kumamoto declared: “The people in Mexico no longer feel represented by the political institutions. But with this strategy, the citizenship would be able to demand more from these alleged representatives.”

Then he added: ‘This policy must be made by legislators who base their efforts on processes and projects, not on political favors and nepotism. The Mexican citizenship has to learn to make their calls, to denounce, to demand accountability from their popular representatives”.

This initiative would put an end to the hated “diputados plurinominales“; deputies who are not elected by the people, but who nevertheless enjoy enormous privileges and wages without giving results of any kind, for many, just parasites of the Mexican political system.

“To weaken the corrupt party system, people must support independent candidates, achieve the “second round”, get rid of the “plurinominales” and eliminate overrepresentation.” Kumamoto said

“That is why the people of Guanajuato must put pressure on their representatives through social media, to let them know their feeling in relation to our initiative”, he concluded.

Source: https://www.am.com.mx/

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