Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

Former Mexican president Felipe Calderón’s son involved in bar brawl in Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen – The son of the former President Felipe Calderón was identified as one of the individuals involved in a bar fight on Saturday July 29, a few hours after the celebration of the Solidaridad municipality 24th anniversary, that was headed by Mayor Cristina Torres in Playa del Carmen.

Luis Felipe Calderón Zavala was temporarily detained for interrogation along with other young men at Hotel Porto Real premises, they were presumably accused of altering the public order in a bar during the early hours of Saturday July 29.

Municipal police officers presence was requested at the night club in order to take action, find out the reasons of the quarrel and solve the problem.

According to witnesses, municipal law enforcement agents arrived on site in order to investigate a brawl that took place inside the premises of the hotel located on Constituyentes and Primera Norte, in Playa del Carmen’s hotel zone.

As the officers identified the alleged perpetrators, these were subjected to a routine interrogation, and finally it was determined that there was no reason to arrest anybody, suspects were allowed to go, and they were just requested to “conduct themselves in a proper way”.

Calderón Zavala and his companions returned to their rooms without any further incident.

According to the Municipal Directorate of Public Security, no additional accusations or complaints had been filed so far.





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