Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017

July in San Miguel

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In July, events in San Miguel de Allende focus mostly on religious celebrations and film. The main event is the weather. Everyone seems to be outside, enjoying the long, warm days while waiting for the rain to begin—it usually starts by mid-afternoon.

Personally, I love to walk in the rain in San Miguel. The downpour is never cold; more like a strong but tepid shower. I just remind myself that my skin is waterproof and my clothes will dry, and then I enjoy it. But then, I also love to wait it out under the portales with the rest of the crowd, peeking out at the sheets of water turning the hilly streets into swift if temporary rivers. There’s always something of a party mood among the watching crowd—sort of a “we’re all in this together” atmosphere.


Once the rain stops, the sun comes out and dries things up quickly, leaving behind the sparkling jewel that is San Miguel de Allende, shining in air as crystalline as glass.

So the main July event in San Miguel de Allende may be the weather, but the calendar is still chock full of interesting things to do, ranging from lectures to gallery openings, authors’ readings to walking tours. Here are the regularly recurring annual events in July.




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