Published On: Fri, Jul 21st, 2017

Water and mud avalanche drags Guanajuato family in Arizona

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Héctor Miguel Garnica, a native of Chichimequillas, Guanajuato, has been missing since Saturday July 15 in a mountainous area northeast of Phoenix, Arizona in the United States.

It all started when 14 members of the Garnica family were celebrating a birthday at the National Park within the area of the canyon, when they were suddenly caught in the middle of a heavy rain.

Maria, 24, the wife of Miguel Garnica and her three children, as well as four other relatives, died due to a mudslide.

The avalanche of mud and rocks dragged them three kilometers (1.8 miles). Five other family members were rescued.

A video posted on social networks shows the last moments of the family in life.

In Guanajuato, efforts are already being made so Miguel’s grandmother can be able to travel to the United States to give the last goodbye to the family members in Phoenix.

The children’s bodies Emily, 3, Mia 5, and Danny 7, were recovered along with their mother. Her husband, Héctor Miguel Garnica, is still missing.

This tragedy also ended the life of Maribel Raya, 24, her daughter Erika Raya, 2, and Maribel’s brother, Javier Raya, 14.

Source: Televisa Noticias



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