Published On: Fri, Aug 25th, 2017

A war against Dengue is fought in Guanajuato

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Due to the increase in the number of dengue cases within the state of Guanajuato, especially in Celaya and its surrounding area, state health authorities ordered a massive fumigation in neighborhoods and communities.

Local authorities insist on two recommendations:

  1. Get rid of any crocks or objects that could hold rain water.
  2. Go to the health centers and hospitals when the symptoms appear.

To date, all cases registered in the area are classic dengue, none of the more dangerous hemorrhagic type.

According to official information issued by the Ministry of Health, 177 cases have been reported in the state, of which 23 correspond to the municipality of Celaya. However, in unofficial information more than 300 cases are mentioned throughout the state of Guanajuato, and over 38 just in the Sanitary Jurisdiction No. III of Celaya, which includes the municipality of Juventino Rosas.

fumigation guanajuato

Therefore, the Ministry of Health ordered a massive fumigation campaign in Celaya, with 33 units, starting with the municipal head, and mainly in Colonia Girasoles.

The Secretaría de Salud de Guanajuato (SSG) determined to reinforce the actions of the Dengue Operation in the city, and in coordination with the Sanitary Jurisdiction, they have started the fumigation process in Celaya and surrounding areas.




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