Published On: Thu, Aug 31st, 2017

Guanajuato promotes the internationalization of its footwear industry

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With the aim of diversifying the international markets of the footwear sector, the Guanajuato Chamber of Footwear Industry (CICEG), with the support of the state and municipal governments, as well as the privte initiative, launched an internationalization program through the promotion of branding, export promotion and marketing.

This was announced by the President of the Chamber, Luis Gerardo González García, in the framework of the conference cycle of the Sapica Expo held in León.

He also mentioned that, in the first instance, they are betting on trading with the United States as the largest market in the world, the proximity, the price level, and the profitability of working with this neighboring country are the main factors that turn it into a priority market for Guanajuato.

Sapica, Gto (Photo: El Economista)

Sapica, Gto (Photo: El Economista)

Daniel Sepúlveda, Foreign Trade Manager of the CICEG, explained that the United States is a strategic opportunity and one of the destinations on which they want to focus with 15 participating brands that manufacture value-added products.

The plan, he said, started in January this year with the goal of positioning the 15 Mexican brands in the US market to directly benefit the leather chain and the supplier.

“The plan is made up specifically for certain companies and two international firms. We are working in the opening of the market, promotion and sale, in major cities such as New York, Las Vegas and Detroit, Michigan, where we’re promoting the collections, ” Sepúlveda concluded.




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