Published On: Wed, Aug 2nd, 2017

Lavaderos del Chorro a beautiful colonnial style route in the heart of SMA

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If what you’re looking for is vast, refreshing parkland, San Miguel’s Benito Juarez Park (Parque Juarez) is the place for you.

If you bring along your family and children you can enjoy the play area, as well as several basketball courts.

It’s also an ideal spot for a romantic stroll down its multiple secluded paths. If you want to visit this site we recommend you walk from the Main Square down Aldama street, a beautiful route full of colonnial style flavor.

Adjacent to the park you can also find the area known as ‘Lavaderos del Chorro’, the old communal clothes-wash.

The spot is also the where the Second Founding of the city took place.

Parque Juarez (Photo: Google)

Parque Juarez (Photo: Google)

Lavaderos del Chorro

The legend says that in this place there was a spring that was discovered by the friar Juan of San Miguel as he found his dogs drinking water there.

During the eighteenth century the Canal family ordered to build bathrooms, “lavaderos” and a primitive chapel that is located in the highest part of what used to be the spring.

The “Lavaderos” feature beautiful colonnial architecture, and even up to these days, they still work as such and on certain days of the week this spot becomes a space where local artists get together.

The little chapel that is in the highest part of this walk is a pleasant place that is worth visiting. A little below the chapel is an old building that is now known as “Casa de Cultura”.

The name of “EL CHORRO” was provided by Don Felipe González at the expense of the City Council of 1802 when pipes were installed to drive the water to the houses, its investment was approximately 18,000 pesos at that time.

El Paseo del Chorro, is a fabulous place for morning walks, to go exercising or just to chill under the shade.




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