Published On: Tue, Aug 15th, 2017

Querétaro college students return from China with robotics award

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Queretaro, Mexico, Aug. 14 (Notimex).- Students from the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ, for its acronym in Spanish) obtained the first prize in the international competition Robot Challenge 2017, which was held in Beijing, China, from August 4 to 6.

Upon arrival, Ximena Valles Novoa and Manuel Alejandro Cardoso Duarte mentioned that they are proud to win the award in the name of the University of Querétaro and in behalf of all Mexico.

Members of the MekLab Club, in the Faculty of Engineering of UAQ, the young students faced a competition that brought together representatives from 26 countries, 1,976 participants and 316 robots.

robot challenge 2017

“Not only you face teams in a national competition level, but you also have to deal with the language barrier,” explained Manuel Alejandro, who added that despite having a translator, it was not a simple matter to confront mainly Asian groups.

Ximena, who is currently studying Nanotechnology Engineering at the UAQ Faculty of Engineering, explained that thanks to the knowledge they gained in the club, they were able to overcome the different challenges presented by the robotics competition and win this edition of the Robot Challenge 2017.

Daniela Trejo Saavedra, a team advisor, said that it is important to observe the great achievements of young Mexican people in international competitions where their skills ar put to test, and that this outstanding victory is the result of the work done each and every day at the UAQ and other higher education institutions all over Mexico.

For now, other students are already preparing to participate in the national stage of the World Robot Olimpiad, which will be held on September 9 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and hope to have good results in this and other contests.




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