Published On: Wed, Aug 2nd, 2017

There will be a brutal reaction against criminal groups: SSP

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Guanajuato State Secretary of Public Security, Álvar Cabeza de Vaca Appendini, said that there will be a “brutal” reaction against the criminals who murdered the director of the Municipal Police of Celaya, J. Santos Juárez Rocha, and one of his officers, who according to Cabeza de Vaca, was killed because he could not be corrupted by these delinquent organizations.

The state official told El Sol del Bajío newspaper that, more than 500 bushings were found in the place where Commander Juárez and officer Manuel Acosta were ambushed.

“It is clear that these tragic incident ended up with the death of an incorruptible man, because that was the reason why he was brutally murdered,  because he never accepted to be corrupted by organized crime; and since he was not letting these criminal groups them act freely, they decided to terminate him,” he said.

Álvar Cabeza de Vaca Appendini (Photo: El Sol del Bajío)

Álvar Cabeza de Vaca Appendini (Photo: El Sol del Bajío)

The Guanajuato State Secretary of Public Security promised that there will be an overwhelming reaction to bring these criminals to justice.

It was a “brutal” execution, and a great loss for the corporation and for their families.

“We have had meetings with the governor, with the attorney general of the State and our operative people and the reaction will be absolutely radical; we can not allow honest law enforcement officers to be murdered this way. ”

Alvar Cabeza de Vaca emphasized that the death of Santos Juárez Rocha and Manuel Acosta, represent a great loss for the State Public Security Forces, and that authorities will come to the final consequences to apprehend those responsible for this terrible crime.




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