Published On: Tue, Sep 12th, 2017

10 thousand facades of the state capital will be painted in bright colors

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GUANAJUATO, Gto .- A total of 10 thousand façades of the city of Guanajuato will be painted in bright colors through the program ‘Paint your environment’ (Pinta tu entorno), a project in which the state and municipal governments will collaborate together.

The Secretary of Social and Human Development, Gerardo Morales Moncada announced that the actions of the program known as ‘Pinta tu Entorno‘, will kick off this month, and the official announcement will be made by Governor Miguel Marquez Márquez and Mayor Edgar Castro Cerrillo.

Guanajuato City (Getty)

Guanajuato City (Getty)

A total of 10 thousand façades will be painted by the state government, 5 thousand were announced on March 2  and another 5 thousand were announced on Thursday, September 7th, as part of mayor Edgar Castro Cerrillo’s annual report. One thousand façades more will be painted by the municipal government, for a total of 11,000.

According to Morales Moncada, 6 thousand façades will be painted “at once,” starting with houses located in the community of Los Pastitos.

The state official said that state and municipal governments are working together in this project. And that authorities are touring several neighborhoods asking people if they want to get their facades painted. Moncada Morales said that this intitiative should be completed before the end of the year.

Colonia "La Venada" in Guanajuato (Photo: Periodico Correo)

Colonia “La Venada” in Guanajuato (Photo: Periodico Correo)

The priority neighborhoods for this project are:

  •  La Venada
  •   El Encino
  •   Pueblito de Rocha
  •   Colonia Santa Fe
  •   Presa de Rocha
  •   Nejayote




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