Published On: Wed, Sep 6th, 2017

Citizens’ councils plan programs to address the gang problem in SMA

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The Council for Citizen Participation and Consultation (Consejo de Consulta y Participación Ciudadana) and the Municipal Office for the Prevention of Violence and Crime  (Gabinete Municipal de Prevención de la Violencia y la Delincuencia) will join actions in the development of a program to combat addictions and to prevent the formation of gang groups in San Miguel de Allende; the goal is to reach 3 thousand young people who could integrate up to 110 groups.

The Ministry of Public Security along with these councils of citizen participation will attend the programs denominated: ‘Addictions Prevention’ and ‘Attention to gang members’.

Gerardo Arteaga (Photo: Periodico Correo)

Gerardo Arteaga (Photo: Periodico Correo)

The actions will begin in the communities of San Rafael, Olimpo, Allende and Palmita de Landeta colonies where the councilor Gerardo Arteaga proposed to carry out a pilot program and mad the following statement: “We must focus on giving support to these areas and seek the root of the problem, locate their main needs and develop job opportunities for the benefit of all,”.



Based on data from the General Directorate of the State System of Coordination, Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence (Dirección General del Sistema Estatal de Coordinación, Comando, Control, Comunicaciones, Cómputo e Inteligencia: C5i), and the “Escudo” program, there is a total of 3 thousand young people, who are members of more than 110 gang groups throughout the municipality of San Miguel de Allende.

Source: Periodico Correo



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