Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Record bloodshed in the state of Guanajuato; 23 murders in 4 days

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The people of Guanjuato have lived a week of terror including three authentic massacres and at least 23 murders in cold blood at different towns across the state during the last four days.


Juventino Rosas

On Sunday September 10, the body of man with several bullet impacts was found on the exit to Celaya; the victim turned out to be 37-year old Silvestre Prieto, Municipal President Serafin Prieto’s nephew.

Silvestre Prieto used to work at Juventino Rosas City Hall’s administrative area as a Judge (Juez Calificador) for the Municipal Directorate of Public Security.

Silvestre Prieto's body was found in Juventino Rosas (Photo: Sin Embargo)

Silvestre Prieto’s body was found in Juventino Rosas (Photo: Sin Embargo)


On Monday September 11 around midnight, four men and a woman were abducted at gun point and forced to board a van at León’s Colonia San Miguel.

They were taken to an unpopulated area in Jardines de Jerez, where they were shot. One of the individuals was rushed to a hospital in serious condition, but the other three men and the woman were found dead.

Dead bodies found in Jardines de Jerez, León, Gto. (Photo: AM)

Dead bodies found in Jardines de Jerez, León, Gto. (Photo: AM)


On Tuesday September 12, around 10:30 p.m., suspects carrying long weapons entered La Parranda restaurant in Irapuato and shot several people at point-blank range.

In a video posted online on Wednesday September 13, it can be seen how these men shoot three men that were sitting at a table, besides two more men and two women were killed, including a waitress.

Another woman who was badly injured died hours later in a local hospital.

Silvestre Prieto was found dead at the Celaya exit (Photo: Zona Franca)

La Parranda Restaurant (Photo: Zona Franca)



Also on Wednesday September 13, around 5 am, a large convoy of approximatelly 14 vehicles arrived at the Laguna Larga gas station in Pénjamo, where they dropped off several bags containing human remains of four people.

Police officers discovered the remains as they stopped by, struck by the fact that there was no one at the gas station, (the employees fled in terror).

Human remains in plastic bags, Pénjamo, Gto. (Photo: AM)

Human remains in plastic bags, Pénjamo, Gto. (Photo: AM)

On Wednesday also in Pénjamo, gunmen shot a family in a car and injured a 6-year-old girl.

family car Penjamo
Gunmen shot a family in a car injuring a 6-year-old girl in Pénjamo, Guanajuato

And also on Wednesday night, two more men were executed, one in Uriangato and another one in León.


Absolutely no arrests have been reported regarding any of these terrible crimes.


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