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San Miguel and Querétaro celebrate act of fellowship and cooperation

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At Queretaro’s Plaza de Armas, in front of Government Palace, an act of fellowship and cooperation was celebrated between the municipalities of Querétaro and San Miguel de Allende.

The ceremony was presided by mayors Marcos Aguilar Vega and Ricardo Villareal García, with the participation of the Secretary of Government of the state of Queretaro, Juan Martín Granados Torres, representing governor Francisco Domínguez Servién.

Marcos Aguilar Vega, mayor of Querétaro recalled that the heroic acts of September 13 and 15, 1810 forever united the destinies of Queretaro and San Miguel de Allende, for when all seemed lost and hope of independence seemed to fail, the strength of an ideal knocked down all barriers.

“The memory of this struggle demands that we act,” said Marcos Aguilar, remembering Independence heroes such as Hidalgo, Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, Ignacio Allende, Ignacio Pérez among others.

“Today we face a different battle, today Mexicans are called to free us from other yokes that threaten our freedom, our sovereignty and our future as a nation,” he said, pointing out that poverty, inequality, corruption, impunity and violence are the dark forces that oppress Mexico these days.

Finally, the mayor said that San Miguel de Allende and Querétaro must continue with that struggle that united them 207 years ago, since two centuries ago the story of an independent Mexico began right in these two cities.


Then, the municipal president of San Miguel de Allende, Ricardo Villareal García stated that both cities, besides converging as neighbors, are two territories that over the centuries have shared a reciprocal history, and recalled that it was Conín, an Otomi indigenous merchant, who established the bases of the Villa de San Miguel el Grande, in the outskirts of the town founded years ago by Fray Juan de San Miguel, but it was also he who settled the first population to the east of the Queretaro Valley and since then, both cities have shared roots that bind them territorially and historically.

As for the struggle that we commemorate today, he recalled that it was in 1808 that the Provincial of the Dragons of the Queen of San Miguel el Grande brought from Veracruz the news of what was happening in the kingdom of Spain, invaded by France, so Ignacio Allende returned to the Villa of San Miguel el Grande, determined to fight for the defense of his homeland.

At this point, Allende gathered residents, civilians, military and ecclesiastics, who were members of the Secret and Conspiratorial Junta de San Miguel el Grande, which soon estalished an alliance with other secret juntas, such as Querétaro and San Luis Potosí.

On September 13, 1810, the conspiracy of Queretaro was discovered and hence the urgency of warning Ignacio Allende, the head of the Junta de San Miguel el Grande, who would soon be apprehended , but Ignacio Pérez reunited with Hidalgo and Juan Aldama, and this was the begnning of the insurrection, with the so-called Cry of Dolores.

Ricardo Villareal delivered a replica of the banner of the virgin of Guadalupe led by the priest Miguel Hidalgo in the beginning of the struggle for independence to Secretary of Government Juan Martín Granados Torres.

Finally the Secretary of Government Juan Martín Granados Torres, spoke on behalf of Queretaro’s governor, Francisco Domínguez Servién, and said that this act is to reaffirm our patriotism and the fraternal ties that unite both cities.


Source: Quadratin

The original text of this article was published by the Quadratín Agency at the following address: https://queretaro.quadratin.com.mx/queretaro-san-miguel-allende-realizan-acto-confraternidad/

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