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SMA hotel owner claims to be harassed for anticorrruption stance

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According to AM news website, Mr. César Arias de la Canal, owner of the POSADA CORAZÓN hotel located on San Miguel’s Aldama street,  made a public complaint towards the actions taken by the municipal authorities of Civil Protection and Cultural Heritage represented by Angel Gastelum, who closed down his business without accepting an extension to comply with the proper government requirements. Arias considers that the operation was arbitrary and unjustified since the deficiencies detected were minor and insignificant in terms of security, he adds that the closure was illegal because the failings alone or as a whole do not configure the grounds provided in Article 475 of the Territorial Code regulation.

Arias said that articles 470 and 471 of that law were also violated, since he never recieved a notification to immediately adopt the corrective measures within a period of ten business days , and according to his statement, the authority proceeded to the closure without notice of any kind.

Arias believes that all these provisions of the regulation were disobeyed for reasons beyond the operation of his hotel and supposes that it is due to his private and community participation with citizens and civil organizations that defend the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of SMA, that has led to disagreements with the municipal and state administrations in several important topics such as: the conservation of buildings and pavements of the historic center, the destruction of ecological areas, water pollution, the introduction of luxury mega-hotels, the creation of illegal real estate developments, etc.

posada corazon entrance

But the most recent issues that have provoked friction with the local authorities are: the total rejection to the Capilla de Piedra Real Estate project in the downtown area of SMA, the Aldama pedestrian way, the Silao-SMA highway,  the illegal location of the Industrial Polygon and the initiative of mayor Ricardo Villareal to build an airport in an urban area of the city.

Arias, along with a group of activists held a press conference in Guanajuato pointing out their rejection to these issues that was widely spread, and the reprisals against Posada Corazón came 2 days later.

César Arias de la Canal considers to be under attack by the local authorities, and says that he is a victim of abuse of power, and that this situation directly affects not only his personal assets but the source of work of 11 hotel employees.

As entering the Posada Corazón website, internet users see the following message posted by the hotel administration:

posada corazon BB message

Source: https://www.am.com.mx/

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