Published On: Mon, Sep 18th, 2017

SMA photograph makes Los Angeles Times Travel section special edition

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The only thing more amazing than the geographic breadth of the Los Angeles Times readers’ travels is the quality of their pictures in this year’s summer vacation photo edition.

The Los Angeles Times Travel section asked people to share pictures from their summer 2017 idylls, and the public responded with about 1,000 shots.

Suggesting that you’re all journalists at heart, more than 325 of those pics arrived in the three days before the deadline.

The photographs were taken in French Polynesia; San Miguel de Allende, Orange County; Washington state; Brazil; Myanmar and more.

sma flower man

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Photograph by AVERY WALSH, from MALIBU, CA

Walsh was on her way to the Saturday market the morning of Aug. 12 when a man appeared down the block, his upper body buried beneath a load of colorful flowers. So she stalked him.

Politely. And eventually he stepped into good light and away from cars and people. That’s when she snapped her iPhone 7.


Catharine Hamm, Travel editor for the LA Times thanked the readers for sharing a world view that reminds us why we love travel.


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