Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

ASU-Queretaro the first American-style college campus in Mexico

One month ago, on Monday September 4, over 200 students attended the first day of class at the new Arkansas State University-Queretaro campus.

“The students are excited to be the first generation of students at A-State CQ,” said Brad Rawlins, vice rector of the Mexico campus. “They are trailblazers, pioneers, visionaries.”

The Queretaro campus is the first American-style campus in Mexico, providing a U.S. living-learning experience. Traditional Mexican universities are commuter campuses, and the idea of living, playing and dining on campus is foreign to many of these students.

Although their initial first year goal of 1,000 students wasn’t met, Rawlins is satisfied with the number of students currently enrolled. Rawlins said about 220 students live on campus, and the number will increase in coming weeks.

“More than 200 students in the first year is very good considering that the campus wasn’t completed until the week before students arrived, future students couldn’t meet current students or faculty during recruiting visits, and the English language requirements provided some challenges,” Rawlins said.

Classes at the Queretaro campus are taught completely in English. Mexico residents who apply have to meet specific language testing requirements. The school also offers ESL courses to assist students who fall short of these requirements. Degrees at the Queretaro campus are recognized both in Mexico and the United States.

The university currently offers 10 degree paths focusing on business and communication, engineering, and science and technology. Although admissions have not yet been open to non-Mexico residents, Rawlins said plans are on the way.

“We will have exchange programs once we move into years two through four and can offer the kind of courses that sophomores, juniors and seniors need.”

With over 1,300 multinational companies operating out of Queretaro, Rawlins said the new campus is a great place for students to learn.

“The culture is very rich. It’s a great place to come to learn a second language. I hope students will spend a summer, semester or year on the CQ campus and have the chance to interact with students who are passionate about learning and changing the world for the better,” he said.

 ASU Qro

ASU-Queretaro, Mexico campus welcomed inaugural class one month ago

The Queretaro campus was approved by the Arkansas State University Board of Directors back in December 2012.

Now, almost five years later, the first generation of students are gathering on the newly constructed campus for classes.

The school is described as “an innovative project in partnership with Arkansas State University, a Mexican foundation and the government of Queretaro with the purpose of bringing higher education to (Queretaro).”

An article co-authored by ASU System President Chuck Welch and former interim dean Doug Whitlock stated, “This partnership will provide rich opportunities for faculty in both countries in all three major mission areas of instruction, scholarship and service.”

According to the website, tuition and fees cost 99,450 Mexican pesos, which translates to roughly $5,591.57 U.S. dollars. Room and meals cost an additional $10,990 Mexican pesos ($617.91 U.S. dollars) a month.

For more information about Queretaro, visit their website at, or check out their Facebook page at ArkansasStateQueretaro.




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