Published On: Wed, Oct 25th, 2017

Education Secretary will move to offices that will cost 34 million pesos a month

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There’s a “rumor” going around that the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) has not bother to deny.

It turns out that the head of the unit, Aurelio Nuño, will be moving his headquarters from the Historic Center to an exclusive building in the neighborhood of Coyoacan which rent would cost the ridiculous amount of 34 million pesos (1.8 million USD) … monthly!

According to information released by Mexicanos Primero, the block formed by the PT and Morena political parties in the Senate demanded a few days ago to clarify this totally unusual situation, and let the citizenship know that the Secretary of Education is planning to move the Secretariat to a seven-storey building with a heliport, parking space for 259 cars, meeting rooms, auditorium and a gym for the Secretary’s bodyguards, located on  Avenida Universidad # 1200.

Senator for Morena, Mario Delgado, asked Aurelio Nuño to explain why, despite the fact that several schools were severely damaged by last month’s earthquakes, he will spend such a large amount of money to change his workplace.

On Tuesday October 24, Morena’s congressmen demanded the head of Public Education to immediately cancel the process of moving his offices, which would result in a total of 2 billion pesos in a five-year period, which could be used instead for the reconstruction of schools affected by the earthquakes.

According to information from members of Morena in the Senate, there are 2,316 schools of basic and secondary education that are still closed due to damage caused by the earthquakes. So the Morena political party demands Nuño to move to a new office under the principles of austerity, efficiency, economy, transparency and honesty.

According to Mexicanos Primero, what Nuño intends to pay for the rent of his offices in 5 years, is half the amount that the reconstruction and rehabilitation of schools damaged by the earthquakes of the past 7 and 19 of September would cost. A total of 4 billion pesos.

Finally, this issue is expected to be addressed by Nuño himself, when the head of the SEP appears before the Commission of Education of the Senate, next Tuesday October 31.

Source: Mexicanos Primero



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