Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2017

Bullet that killed Televisa top executive was shot by one of his bodyguards

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The State Attorney General’s Office (Fiscalía General de Justicia del Estado de México) declared in a statement that after a reconstruction of the events it was found that the bullet that killed Adolfo Lagos was shot by one of his bodyguards.

Both guards were following the victim a few meters behind on board a truck, and they fired their weapons as they realized that the executive was being assaulted while riding his bicycle.

“After the authopsy, it was possible to extract a bullet … the result of the tests carried out, determine that the bullet that was extracted from the body of the victim, due to its ballistic characteristics, was shot by the weapon carried by the person who was driving the truck at the time of the events ” said the State Attorney General’s Office.

Bodyguard bullet kills Izzi CEO (Photo: AM)

Bodyguard bullet kills Izzi CEO (Photo: AM)

Adolfo Lagos Espinosa was shot on the Tulancingo-Pirámides highway; according to the first investigations, theft was the main line.

Lagos Espinosa was riding his bike along with Luis Reynoso Gutiérrez when two subjects came out of the bushes to strip them of their bicycles, valued at 100 thousand pesos each.

They were followed at a distance by Lagos’ bodyguards, on a gray Jeep Cherokee with license plate P19-ACU from Mexico City, who opened fire on the thieves, apparently injuring Lagos  and one of the assailants, who somehow managed to flee the scene on foot.




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