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Face Mapping: The Warning Signs on Your Skin

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Although modern medicine has a lot of tools for diagnosing different diseases, many ancient techniques are widely used today. Centuries ago, physicians could determine the existing or upcoming disorders by observing the outer symptoms. Our skin is a vast litmus paper. When some imbalances occur in our organisms, the skin immediately reacts to them.

This is exactly what Mien Shiang, an ancient Chinese practice, is based on. It can be literally translated as face reading. According to it, spots on particular parts of your face indicate the state of your inner health.

A particular area of your face is connected with a particular organ. So, if there are pimples on some part of your face, it means the corresponding organ might not be functioning properly. In order to get rid of the blemishes, you should treat that organ first. Keep reading this article from natalydate.com to find out which disorders might be responsible for the spots on your face.

Forehead and T-zone

Pimples on the forehead and the nose may indicate certain issues with your gallbladder and digestive system. Drinking much alcohol and eating fatty food can cause pimples or enlarged pores.

Solution: Drink much water and fall on vegetables. According to nutritionists, those people who consume a lot of bakery products and sweet non-alcoholic drinks have to deal with acne constantly. Potatoes, bread, and sweet beverages contain simple sugars that increase the level of insulin which in its turn stimulates the androgen responsible for producing sebum and blocking the pores.

Skin around eyes

This area is connected with the health of your heart and liver. Acne in this zone can indicate dehydration and lack of sleep. There is a network of mucous membranes and blood vessels around your eyes that makes this area very susceptible to water shortage and general tiredness.

Solution: Cut on fatty food, milk, and alcohol. The easiest way to avoid pimples and dark shadows under your eyes is to have a good sleep and drink enough water.


There are many tiny blood vessels in your cheeks that represent the state of your lungs. Allergy and the reactions of your organism to smoking or polluted air are “written” on your cheeks. Other things to be blamed for the spots on your cheeks are your phone, your dirty hands, and even a soiled pillowcase.

Solution: If you don’t smoke and don’t suffer from any kind of allergy, try to get rid of other unhealthy habits such as touching your face during a day.



Acne on your nose may indicate some heart issues, such as high blood pressure or vitamin B deficiency.

Solution: Try to cut on butter, oils, and meat. Replace them with good fats, for example, omega-3 fats contained in fish, avocado, and nuts. Think about taking some polyvitamins. Make sure your makeup products are not expired and try to clean your pores with exfoliating gel or mask.


Pimples on your chin are usually the indicators of emotional stress or hormonal imbalance. The chin shows the state of your small intestine and stomach, so acne on it may mean bad eating habits and allergic reactions to different foods.

Solution: Change your eating habits, eliminate alcohol and caffeine from your diet – those can facilitate hormonal imbalances. Learn to deal with stress without resorting to the mentioned liquids.


In terms of women’s health, pimples on the cheekbones signal the upcoming period. Several days prior to menstruation, the body undergoes significant hormonal shifts which cause blemishes on the face.

Solution: Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours, drink more water, and eat green vegetables to keep your skin hydrated.


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