Published On: Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

Mexico’s international negative perception is unfair: De la Madrid

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“The travel alerts to Mexico due to insecurity are unfair and damaging, but the reality is that there are no shootings or terrorism here, as it does happen in the United States and many countries in Europe”, said Mexico’s Tourism Secretary Enrique De la Madrid.

He stressed that basically the level of risk faced by a foreigner in Mexico is lower than it would be if he stayed in his country of residence.

On the other hand, De la Madrid said that there are already 12 tourist destinations with codes of conduct against the sexual and labor exploitation of minors, including Cancun, Los Cabos, Tijuana, Huatulco, as well as in some parts of Mexico City, State of Mexico and Guerrero.

“In this regard, hotel employees are being trained to detect criminal behaviors and prevent these illegal activities. As a result of these measures, several complaints have been filed in Guerrero, Tijuana and other destinations”, he continued.

It is unfair the to generate a negative perception of our country and especially when we see the insecurity that prevails in many countries worldwide. I am returning from a trip to Europe and they have terrorism there, I’ve been in the United States and they have massive shootings every other day, then I think it’s unfair that Mexico is considered an “insecure” country, as if there is no insecurity elsewhere, ” said De la Madrid during a meeting with the Tourism Commission of the Lower Chamber on the occasion of the Fifth Government Report.

Source: Excelsior



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