Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

Second crater discovered inside Popocatépetl volcano

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The National Center for Disaster Prevention (Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres: Cenapred) shared a video of the flyby they made on Sunday November 26 above the Popocatépetl volcano, where a second crater was discovered inside the volcano’s main crater.

The director of Cenapred, Carlos Valdés, announced that the interior crater has a diameter of 370 meters and is 110 meters deep.

“This crater has no dome. It is considered an open system, which facilitates the constant release of ash emissions, “Valdés wrote through his Twitter account.

The dependency revealed that in the coming days it is expected that the volcano will continue to spit ashes and incandescent material towards the surface and that gradually, the internal crater will be filled, at least partially, by a new lava dome.

Therefore, the Cenapred exhorted not to approach the volcano and especially the crater, because of the danger involved in the fall of ballistic fragments.

In addition, Valdés informed that in case of heavy rains, locals should stay away from the near canyons and ravines, where landslides and mudflows could be seen.

The “Popocatepetl” volcanic warning light is currently in YELLOW (Phase 2).

Source: Diario de Yucatan



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